Bué the Warrior, Delicious Brains, Johnny Boy, Resto, Tones

Bué the Warrior, Delicious Brains, Johnny Boy, Resto, Tones

Bué the Warrior: ‘My paintings are spontaneous, naive and positive, and that has a lot to do with my personality. My work has taken me all over the place and I have seen a lot of misery. But people tend to stay strong and positive. This attitude and hope inspires me to create happy things rather than peddle negativity.
When I work on a wall, I experience a moment of pure freedom. Like a break in the middle of the seriousness of life. I want to show a sunnier and brighter side, and above all to provoke smiles wherever I go. […] I like the interaction between my work and people. Action/reaction: that’s what it’s all about.’ 


Delicious Brains is from Malmö. His artistic expression is colourful, imaginative and brings together different techniques such as murals, drawing, animation and sculptures. Delicious Brains is a world in itself in which images and imagination travel freely. There is a recurring social critique of this unbalanced world that men plunder, but always with a hope, an outstretched hand.


A trained illustrator strongly influenced by the urban world, Johnny Boy juggles several domains: he creates characters on wall, on paper and integrates illustration with graffiti.
With humour, he uses the facts of society and diverts them to challenge or mock. He creates compact and coherent colour atmospheres, and immerses his burlesque characters in a reality not so far from ours.


Resto, as he calls himself, has been painting his dreams with his friends and family since 1996. He draws on walls, reflects and confronts life as it goes by, always with Love…’
Painting my dreams since 1996 with friends and family. Drawing on walls, reflecting and mirroring on the life passing by. Always with love ‘


Tones One, born in Geneva, is very early attracted by drawing and the graphic illustrative style inspired by comics.
He discovered graffiti and the aesthetics of letters in the early 2000s. He then invested himself in this new form of expression and gradually asserted himself as a writer (graffiti artist-painter).
A technician of the letter and a disciple of “Style”, his specificity is to make his letters dance, while respecting the codes of the New York school. The artist chooses to incorporate illustrative elements into his lettering, as well as to interact with the environment in which he paints. This fine combination allows him to establish a dialogue between himself and the walls of the city.
He invites the viewer to enter an imaginary, playful, sometimes offbeat, but always colourful universe.
His style evolves through encounters and travels abroad: first in Europe, then in North America, and finally in Asia.
Although large walls are his favourite medium, Tones is also at ease in the field of illustration and clothing design.


Date : 19 to 25 september 2022
Adress: Quai 1 de la gare de Louvain-la-Neuve - Rue des Wallons, 1
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